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Qianhai accelerates the construction of intelligent transportation
Release time: 2018-10-18 17:36:26 Source: Parkingwe

[Shenzhen Business News] (Reporter Jiang Nanxuan) Traffic as a high-frequency need is the best entry point for building a smart city. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Qianhai Administration that the Guidelines for the Smart Sharing of the Underground Parking Lots in the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Area ("Trial") (hereinafter referred to as "Work Guidelines") Recently officially issued. It is worth mentioning that the "Working Guidelines" is the first set of urban-level parking management guidelines in China, marking an important step in Qianhai's efforts to promote the construction of a smart transportation system.


It is reported that under the organization of the Qianhai Administration, the Foreshore Administration’s Rule of Law Department, the Regulation Office, the Intelligence Office, and the Qianhai Science and Control Company have organized relevant industry experts to conduct seminars and discussions, and have publicly solicited the cities twice. The relevant department's opinions and public opinions were refined and perfected through rigorous scientific arguments and multiple rounds of revisions, and finally form the officially issued version of the Work Guidelines. The "Working Guidelines" is the first set of urban-level parking management guidelines in China. It is important to build a smart transportation system through the top-level design, which is of strategic significance for the continuous development of efficient, intelligent and green transportation systems in the Qianhai area. .


In order to create an integrated innovation management model, the "Working Guide" puts forward technical points from the planning and design, civil construction, intelligent parking to operation management to all aspects of the whole period of the underground parking lot integration construction and operation. This innovative concept enables the integrated construction and operation of the underground parking lot to be implemented, and provides necessary guarantees for optimizing the design of the Qianhai underground space and public space and improving the overall management efficiency.


It is worth noting that the “high-intensity + small-scale” land development model of Qianhai has determined that the Qianhai Development Unit has the characteristics of small plots, difficult layout of entrances and exits, and many intertwined traffic organizations. The "Working Guide" provides scientific and effective guidance for the construction of the Qianhai-equipped parking lot from planning, design and development to post-operation, and coordinates transportation organization and facility layout to ensure the intelligent interconnection of underground parking lots and parking resources.


According to the reporter's understanding, according to the relevant requirements of the "Working Guidelines", Qianhai Zhijiao Co., Ltd., directly affiliated to Qianhai Venture Capital Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qianhai Key Control"), independently developed the urban-level smart parking cloud platform. The platform has opened up an effective linkage between the top-level design and the actual operation, realizing the collection, real-time control and statistical analysis of massive data in the area. It is reported that the platform uses technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, etc., and has unique advantages in real-time data monitoring, cloud charging and device control, and realizes various payment methods including non-inductive payment, WeChat, Alipay, etc. And smart appointments such as online reservations and one-click locks. At present, the platform has been put into operation and management work. Qianhai Science and Control Co., Ltd. will take the lead in launching the work of all parking lot data resource access platforms in Qianhai District, so that the efficient and convenient smart parking mode can truly enter the daily life of Qianhai.


The Qianhai Administration pointed out that the issuance of the "Working Guidelines" will effectively promote the speeding up of the tasks related to the wisdom of Qianhai Development Planning and enhance the people's intuitive experience of Qianhai's wisdom.


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