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Parkingwe becomes an important partner of BYD's parking system and will launch the car parking market
Release time: 2018-09-05 18:04:18  Source: Parkingwe

On September 5th , BYD Global Developers Conference was held in Shenzhen with the theme of “Opening and Creating the Future”. As the first developer conference in the global automotive industry, this conference will explore the development trend of the automotive industry in the next 10 years.



At this conference, the leader in the smart parking sector, Parking and the BYD officially reached a cooperation and became an important partner of the BYD parking system.



Ge Xinguang, Technical Director of Parkingwe, said at the BYD Developers Conference, “The car app has realized the innovation of the smart parking service mode, perfecting the integrated service from the parking lot inquiry, reservation, guidance, and car-seeking departure. We and BYD Cooperation will be dedicated to solving the parking problem completely."


Covering 80,000 parking lots in 60 cities


“Difficult parking” has become a common problem in Chinese cities. According to big data from the parking lot , more than 49% of people need to spend 10-30 minutes to stop. More than that, parking problems have indirectly contributed to traffic congestion. According to commuter experts, 30% of urban traffic congestion is caused by drivers looking for parking spaces. In Beijing, find parking spaces on average 31-40 minutes, and traffic congestion caused by the loss of 1056 billion yuan, equivalent capital GDP of 7.5% .


Parking is difficult, first of all because the parking space in China is seriously in short supply, with a gap of up to 50 million. According to the current trend, this gap will expand in the next few years. In this case, the use of mobile Internet to solve the problem of information asymmetry, to maximize the utilization of existing parking space resources, has become the best response.


Compared with other practitioners in the industry, Parking has adopted a strategy of focusing on open office buildings and commercial super-central parking lots, and has promoted the fixed parking space resources by facilitating cooperation between merchants and parking lots. Since 2013 after years on the line, the country has covered parking knowledgeable 60 more than the city of8 parking spaces more than ten thousand parking lot of data, and using hardware to achieve real-time updates. By encouraging the use habits of “free time, peak time, busy schedule”, Parkingwe makes the idle parking space profitable, and at the same time increases the profit of the busy parking space, so that the owner and the parking lot achieve a win-win situation.


This app can provide the remaining parking spaces, charging prices and real-life map information of multiple parking lots near the destination, which can realize the real-time parking space collection and the reserved parking spaces. In addition, Parkingwe also supports reverse query vehicle parking location, no sense of payment, check violations, car insurance, waiting for vehicles and other functions.


It is understood that in addition to the "Parking Known" mobile APP , companies are also strengthening B- side cooperation, such as the installation of parking systems into Baidu navigation, China Mobile "and maps", China Construction Bank APP and other applications, so that more users are exposed to Parkingwe . In addition, in cooperation with large-scale car companies such as BYD, directly connecting parking services to the in-vehicle system, as part of the car's intelligent system, is also the direction of parking the company.



Join hands with BYD to create a car open platform


Parking knowledgeable of the country 60 cities 8 more than Wan parking lot of data acquisition and integration, facilitate travel and owners resolve operational efficiency of the parking lot, with the idea of BYD Auto open ecosystem is very fit.


At 2018 Beijing Auto Show, BYD launched the DiLink intelligent network connection system to redefine the thinking of the Internet. The DiLink system is open, and 341 sensors will form a distributed database, while allowing users to master precise vehicle conditions and achieve shared energy terminals.


BYD will use Parking as an important partner of the parking system . It is because of its innovation and focus in the field of mobile Internet software, and the excellent integration of parking lot big data through offline hardware collection.


From the year of 2013 to 2015, there are a lot of wisdom parking application was born, but when the boom in the past, has retained the consumer market in the parking APP are numbered. In the five years since its inception, Parking has been focusing on integrating hardware equipment and independent R&D systems. In 2016 , it acquired strategic investment from Songhe Capital and, incooperation with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2017 , the core competitiveness of the company has been further enhanced. Enhanced, has now become a leader in the industry.


Smart cars require different developers and car companies to create together. The cooperation between Parking and Betty is a gratifying result on the open platform of the car.


Ge Xinguang said that the prospect of the car is very bright. Parkingwe will focus on the integration of parking information and car, enabling users to enjoy better parking services and speeding up the solution of “parking problems”.

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